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I began my career as a massage therapist in Canada in December of 2012. I was working out of a clinic at Yonge and Eglinton, slowly building my client base. One day, my boss sat me down to inform me that she would be closing the clinic the following week. This came as quite a shock, as I had worked hard to build my client base and had a month of client-scheduled treatments ahead of me. and many clients had already scheduled treatments for the following month.

In a mad scramble, I considered several local clinics before deciding to lease a space of my own. And so Shey Wellness was born, on October 4th, 2013, in a large space by Avenue and Eglinton within busy a few days of receiving the unexpected news.

With limited entrepreneurial experience or knowledge, Shey was up and running within 4 days! My gratitude was off the charts as all of my clients were understanding of the situation and happily moved their appointments. The transition was so fast that, for the first few days, we taped blankets to the windows because the treatment rooms didn't come with curtains!

Shey would go on to become a multidisciplinary clinic, with multiple RMTs, yoga instructors, a naturopath, dietician, chiropractor, and an osteopath. I enjoyed the experience of working with other practitioners and providing a one-stop shop for our valued clients.

Fast forward a few years and my work-life balance was non-existent. My life revolved around Shey, as it had since I opened shop, but it had lost its joy along the way.  Managing had become a chore and I was spreading myself too thin. So, I took a good look at my life and took stock of the goals I had set for myself and my business. 

I decided to downsize in January of 2017. It was a scary step and I felt very unsure at the time but, in retrospect, it was the best decision for myself and for Shey. It afforded me the chance to travel once again, to see my family, who are spread out across Europe, a little more regularly, to regain something of a social life, and to finally breathe! 

It was difficult at first, but the experience gave me the chance to grow as an individual and to once again take a view of the big picture. It also gave me the opportunity to go back to school for nutrition, which has been a personal passion for the last 12 years.

My vision for Shey is to provide a holistic, individualized approach to health and well-being. I endeavor to educate clients and to turn them into their bodies. As busy people with responsibilities, many of us resign ourselves to thinking of battling anxiety, being overwhelmed, etc. as normal conditions in our experience of the world, but introducing even small changes to our daily habits can have an immensely positive impact on our health and how we ultimately feel. 

I myself was a smoker for many years and further abused my body with poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, stress with long working hours and a negative mindset. Through learning and careful reflection, I managed to alter my behaviour and thoughts and came out on top. I still have a long journey ahead of me and look at it as a never-ending process but, as I've struggled through many of these challenges myself, I am empathetic to the challenges faced by my clients and I strive to make the process as realistic (ie achievable) as possible, no matter the obstacle they face. 

I will use my knowledge of massage therapy, yoga, and nutrition along with my personal experiences, including the many challenges I've overcome, to help support and guide my clients to the best of my ability.


A little bit more about Laura

Originally, I am from Europe. I grew up in Germany but am Austrian (big difference :) by birth. After graduating high school, I moved to India, where I trained as an Ayurvedic therapist, Reiki practitioner, learned Shiatsu and a number of body modalities. I also completed my first yoga teacher training program there, where I was trained in Ashtanga before going on to become a yoga therapist as well. Much to my mom's chagrin, I remained in India for a total of 2 years. 

I also lived in Maui, Hawaii for a year where I continued my study of anatomy, physiology, and massage. In 2010, I ended up in Canada where I completed a culinary cooking diploma. I went on to do my Canadian massage schooling to obtain my license here, along the way completing numerous continuing education courses and increasing my yoga teacher training hours.

I am happy that my journey brought me here and that I have a beautiful country to call home. I have a lovely English Mastiff named Bernadette, but who everyone calls Bernie. I love to cook, so I take pretty much any opportunity to host people for dinner. 

The human body has always fascinated me and it brings me so much joy to be working with people on a daily basis, making them feel better and providing them with support along their journey.

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