Meet Laura


Hi, I'm Laura

I am a nutritionist, registered massage therapist, yoga instructor, and the owner of Shey Wellness, a midtown Toronto-based clinic.


I grew up in Germany but I am Austrian (big difference :) by birth. Upon leaving Germany, I spent 2 years in India, where I trained extensively in Ashtanga yoga (and advanced to become a certified yoga therapist), Ayurvedic therapy, massage therapy, Shiatsu, and additional body modalities. It is at this time that I was introduced to the world of healing through diet.


From India, I spent a year in Maui, Hawaii where I continued my study of anatomy, physiology, and massage.


In 2010, my journey brought me to Canada. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with this beautiful country! I have since made Toronto my home. Since my arrival, I completed a culinary diploma, achieved my Canadian RMT license, increased my yoga teacher training hours, and completed my nutrition certification.


I have a lovely English Mastiff named Bernadette - who answers to Bernie. I love to cook, so I take pretty much any opportunity to host people for dinner.

A little bit more about me...

My passion lies in educating people and supporting them on their journey toward looking and feeling their best - while still allowing for indulgences! I am primarily focused on digestive health and stress management and offer online programs and in-person treatments designed to help my clients reclaim their health.


Shey Wellness was born in December of 2012 as a way to continue treating my clientele after my then-employer closed their doors suddenly.


Shey would eventually become a multidisciplinary clinic, offering a range of services including massage therapy, yoga, naturopathy, chiropractic, and osteopathy.


Fast forward a few years and my work-life balance was non-existent. My life revolved around Shey, as it had since I opened shop, but it had lost its joy along the way. Managing had become a chore and I was spreading myself too thin.


I decided to reassess Shey in light of my personal and business goal and, in January 2017 after much deliberation, I elected to downsize.


This decision, while scary at the outset, renewed my ability to travel - to visit with my family, who spread out across Europe, to rebuild something of a social life, and to finally breathe!