Clear Skin From Within


About Me

Hi, I'm Laura. I am a nutritionist, massage therapist and yoga instructor with 10+ years of experience helping my clients. My passion lies in educating people and supporting them on their journey to living their best lives, feeling confident in their skin, while still allowing for indulgences - I'm not here to make you give up pizza, bread or cheese!

After opening my own business, I started to notice how terrible my skin was becoming. I started to notice tiny red bumps on the back of my legs and the random pimple here or there appearing on my chest (or, gasp, bum!!)

At first I thought it would go away on its own but when I started to notice the skin issues were also accompanied by hair loss and bloatedness I knew I had to hit my nutrition books to figure out WHY this was happening.

I discovered that at the root of my issues were a high level of inflammation in my body, a strung out nervous system ( I was stressed AD), and an imbalanced microbiome.

Once I eliminated, treated and nourished these three areas my skin finally cleared up. Even with hormonal changes, my skin would not break out. Come winter (we are talking cold Canadian winter here...) my skin didn't become dry and scaly. The bumps and random spots on my body were a thing of the past and I would not have to keep being conscious of what part of my body to cover up. 

And now I'm dedicated to making this process readily available to anyone with chronic skin issues.

This is a 90 day program to get to the ROOT of your skin issues, and kick them to the curb FOR GOOD. Using tmy 3 phase "N.I.M Method" we'll eliminate the root offenders and uncover your CLEAR skin once and for all. 

90 days to clear skin from within

Sound familiar...?

You're health conscious. You've worked with a trainer, you shop at whole foods and you've even tried intermittent fasting (although that didn't last long) but the truth is no matter how much you do you can't seem to shake these skin issues. 

You thought after high school the acne would naturally clear up, or maybe your eczema had something to do with hormones? Or do those little bumps on the backs of your arms and legs mean you should cut out dairy? gluten? Or maybe you need to exfoliate your back...?

You wish you didn't have to worry about your eczema flaring up as soon as the weather changes. Wearing sleeveless shirts or shorts and that you could finally leave this one confidence killing issue in your past.

Here's the truth, you can have a 10 step skincare routine, get monthly facials and shell out a fortune on your city's top dermatologists. But if you don't address the 3 biggest offenders in skin health, your NERVOUS SYSTEM, INFLAMMATION, and your MICROBIOME then you're wasting your time and money, honey.

Ready to clear up your skin?

Here's what you get!

Meal Plans, Recipes & Grocery List

Recipes that are easy to prep and all recipes are under 30 minutes so you can whip them up with ease​ with done for you Meal Plans with grocery lists, to get you in and out of the grocery store without wasting your time​

Workouts, Workbooks & Video Trainings

Workouts with simple to follow exercises - you know you look good when you feel good. Workbooks to get you from waking up exhausted, stressed and hectic to kick starting your day with ease.

Video Trainings to support you along the way.  

Weekly Calls & Accountability

1 Intake Session to identify your personal needs and struggles and set goals that work for you​.

11 Weekly calls to keep you accountable during our time together and answer all questions you may have along the way and make adjustments if needed​

If you are ready to change your skin & heal your digestion in the next 90 days, then book your FREE call NOW!

Bath Salts

Phase 1


  • Create your unique morning routine that will detoxify your liver and create a bulletproof nervous system that will prevent chronic "stress acne"

  • Implement a sleep strategy that will reset your system and allow your body to heal and regenerate (they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing)

  • Eliminate the toxins in your environment and relationships that can unknowingly lead to nervous system degradation

  • Introduce a mindfulness routine that will address the unacknowledged emotions triggers that create a fight or flight response in your body and lead to breakouts.  

If you are ready to change your skin & heal your digestion in the next 90 days, then book your FREE call NOW!


Phase 2


  • Learn how to calm and tone your vagus nerve so that you become back in control of your body's inflammatory response

  • Take a Stress Assessment so that you can identify and eliminate the cortisol spiking stressors that lead to inflammatory breakouts

  • Use the ancient techniques of yoga and pranayama to reduce inflammation the drug-free way

  • Detoxify and flush out your lymphatic system, circulatory system and lower cortisol levels (aka reduce inflammation) using simple dry brushing and self massage techniques.

  • Introduce supplements and habits that will lower inflammation levels and contribute to healthy, clear skin.

If you are ready to change your skin & heal your digestion in the next 90 days, then book your FREE call NOW!

Milk Bath

Phase 3


  • The secret to healthy skin begins with a healthy microbiome

  • Address underlying issues like leaky gut, sinus irritation, and unknown allergies.

  • Remove triggers that contribute to digestive imbalances and lead to irritated skin response

  • Heal your digestive tract to clear your skin from the inside out using the poop assessment

  • Build a supplement plan that will support all the work you've put in and feed a healthy nervous system, inflammatory system and microbiome.

If you are ready to change your skin & heal your digestion in the next 90 days, then book your FREE call NOW!

The  Bonuses


Learn the steps to a healthy and effective skin care routine​

I will show you some of my favourite products to keep your skin healthy and happy the natural way



Get rid of acne inducing offenders that you use every day around your home​



How to order without reverting back to old habits​​



For the social times in your life. You can still indulge but be smart about it​

Apply now to see if this program is right for you 

What people have to say about me...

Deborah O.

Alexandra N.

John H.

I have worked with medical doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers over the last twenty years. Laura is extremely knowledgable about one's overall health care. She is a great listener and was able to fit the pieces of my puzzle into a customized healthy plan that was successful for me. I have no doubt whatsoever that she is able to do the same for anyone who seeks her professional help. I will continue on this empowering journey with Laura as I work towards achieving my overall goals.

I travel a lot and it was sometimes challenging to implement recommendations if you were not home based but Laura worked with me to try and find solutions to overcome those issues little by little. She is worth the financial and time investment. She gives herself 100% to her clients and works with each one of them to help them achieve the best results.

She is passionate about her work, knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients. In a field that is fraught with BS, she cuts through it and is practical and realistic.

*Due to the nature of my business, all of my clients privacy is respected and no revealing information will ever be displayed.

If you are ready to change your skin & heal your digestion in the next 90 days, then book your FREE call NOW!

This is for You

This is for you if you are fed up with feeling self conscious and want to regain your clear skin. You have bought the expensive creams and tried the medication prescribed by your doctor. You exfoliate, moisturize, hydrate and have reduces the triggers that can contribute to your issues, yet you still struggle with the clarity of your skin.​

If you are ready to change your skin & heal your digestion in the next 90 days, then book your FREE call NOW!

By the end of these 12 weeks you will... 

...have the skin you have been waiting for. Say bye bye to adult acne, dry patches, red bumps or "bacne". You will have the tools you need to prevent breakouts in the future, get rid of the stubborn cellulite, clear up your skin by tackling the problem at the root. Not only will your skin show the world how beautiful you are but with better sleep and less stress you will not only look your best but feel it too!

Flowers on Bare Back

The FAQ's

  • Do you offer a Payment Plan? ​​

    • Absolutely. I want to make this program accessible to as many people as possible, so you have the option of paying in 6 monthly installments. Head to the bottom of the page to check out with your payment plan

  • I already eat healthy. Do I really need this program? 

    • It's great that you are taking care of yourself and making your health a priority, but my guess is there is something that led you here. Ask yourself what is causing you trouble or what you feel self-conscious about. Could the quality of your skin improve? Are you bloated? Wake up feeling exhausted? Book a free 15-minute call with me and I can explain my philosohphy to you and you can decide if this is the right program for you.

  • I have a full-time job and do not have time to meal prep and do workbooks. How is it possible for me to benefit from this program? 

    • I get the demand of a stressful schedule. That program gets delivered to you on a weekly basis with an overview of everything. You will have the opportunity to do as much or as little as you see fit and will be provided strategies and tools to help clear up your schedule and make life less stressful overall. And, who knows, after implementing more self-care and stress management practices and gaining clarity on everything going on in your life, maybe your schedule won't feel as busy and overwhelming!

  • My Naturopath/Doctor recommended certain supplements. Do you require me to stop taking them? 

    • Absolutely not. I will suggest the most appropriate supplements if applicable to you after our initial call. You can decide which ones you want to incorporate and should always discuss with your doctor before starting anything new. 

  • I have dietary restrictions. Do your meal plans accomodate that? 

    • During our inital call we will go over any restrictions, likes/dislikes you may have and I will change the meal plans for you accordingly. 

  • What if I have questions during the week? 

    • You have access to me via email for the duration of the program.

  • Any other burning questions?