Healthy Habits Guide


I created this guide for you to easily kick start your health and learn how to live your life in the most nourishing and intuitive way!


 No more diets or restrictions - learn the foundations today and set yourself up for the years to come. This is an easy step-by-step guide you can start using right now. 

xo Laura

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Feeling a loss of energy, weight gain, leaky gut, or have unbalanced hormones?

You can heal all of these by changing your nutrition! Discover all the easy-to-follow online nutrition programs available on SHEY WELLNESS.  Work with Laura Niesslein to help you lose weight, heal your gut, reduce inflammation, balance your hormones, reduce your cholesterol, reduce your stress and focus on your self-care. 

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Work with Laura Niesslein to design a healthy lifestyle that supports your goals.


Laura Niesslein

Learn More About Laura

Laura Niesslein is one of Toronto's Top Nutritionists and Wellness Coaches providing online nutrition programs to improve your gut health, digestion and lose weight.


Laura is also registered massage therapist, yoga instructor, and the owner of Shey Wellness, a midtown Toronto-based clinic.

Laura's specialty lies in healing underlying conditions naturally through healthy foods. Whether you are looking for easy-to-follow meal plans, or one-on-one guided Nutrition and Wellness Programs, you are in the right place.

A great place to start? Visit the blog for inspiration and recipes to get you started loving grain-free dishes, plant based meal ideas, or fun healthy snack recipes. 

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