When it comes to emotional and physical wellbeing I have found it is more than just nutrition that we need to focus on. We need to address the root of all issues and this lies, in my opinion, within our digestive system and our nervous system. If we have a leaky gut and are continuously stressed out but eat all the foods that are marketed as healthy, we will not achieve our health and wellness goals. 


I truly believe everything starts with healthy habits. Managing our stress being number one and then healing our gut. I approach my work in a holistic way, using my experience as a nutritionist, massage therapist and yoga therapist to create a well rounded program for my clients, with a focus on self care and healthy habits.


I believe grains and certain foods, especially those high in lectins, are major triggers for our systems and so many of the "superfoods" out there are actually causing a lot of inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation causes so many problems, from skin issues, allergies, lethargy, sleep disruption all the way to weight gain and hair loss. This is the thing we want to reduce and you guessed how we do this - by managing our stress and healing our gut!


Indulgences are definitely a big part of my philosophy and I help tweak common cravings, to make them healthier or show you how to indulge in your favourite things without leaving you with major bloat and sluggishness.


I have been where you are, living a hectic, fast paced, stressful life with too much take out or prepared foods to make my life easier and no time for things like meditation or self care. These all left me burnt out, with more weight that I should have, hair loss, bloat and dark under eye circles. I was constantly exhausted and never enjoyed my time off, because I was simply depleted emotionally and physically. I have been through this journey myself, it is not always easy, but every day is an opportunity to show up for yourself and make yourself a priority. I am here to help guide, support and inspire you and help you get set up for a healthy, sustainable and delicious life!


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