Shape Up with shey

An in-depth evaluation and protocol of your lifestyle, diet and daily habits.

This program is designed for busy professionals who are looking to make a positive change in their life. 


If you are feeling tired, stressed or are gaining weight (or all three) - book a call today and reclaim your health!

All Day Energy

Support your body in achieving all day energy, rather than daily 3 pm slumps. 

Deep Sleeps

Sleep like a baby, by learning sleep hygiene tips that most people are not practicing. 

Weight Loss

Remove the triggers that are preventing you from achieving your optimal weight. 

Stress Less

Stress is the root cause of 99% of your issues. Lets tackle it with some simply strategies.

Hi, I am Laura!

Nutrition was not always a priority in my life. 

I was a smoker for many years and further abused my body with poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, stress with long working hours and a negative mindset. Through learning and careful reflection, I managed to alter my behaviour and thoughts when it comes to nutrition and stress.


Since health is a never-ending process, I am empathetic to the challenges faced by my clients and I strive to make the process as realistic (i.e. achievable) as possible, no matter the obstacles they face. 

I want you to be proactive and regain your health so you can...

  • Wake up feeling rested in the morning
  • Lose the discomfort of feeling bloated all the time
  • Experience all day energy (without overdosing on caffeine!)
  • Feel joy, rather than being bogged down by stress
  • Indulge in a full night deep sleep
  • See the stubborn pounds come off, without extreme dieting
  • Feeling more empowered in choosing foods that nourish your body 
  • Remove trigger foods that are harming your body
  • Give your digestive system a rest and a chance to repair
  • Learn how to plan out 7 days worth of healthy meals and snacks

What you get when you sign up:

  • 4 Treatments of your choosing (RMT invoice provided for massages) - choose any combination of 60-Minute Massage Treatments, 60-Minute Restorative Classes (One-on-One), and 60-Minute Fascial Rolling and Stretching (valued at $380)
  • 60-Minute Intake (virtual or in-person) to assess your current state of health (valued at $125)
  • 1x Seven-day Meal Plan customized to your unique goals and dietary needs (valued at $65)
  • 1x Protocol that includes Dietary, Lifestyle and Supplement recommendations - including access to discounted high-quality supplements (valued at $95)
  • Access to my user-friendly food tracking software, which I will review for you on a weekly basis (valued at $65)
  • 15 Minute Follow Up Call every week to discuss your progress, address any difficulties you may have, and make any adjustments to help ensure continued progress toward your unique goals (valued at $135)
  • I will be routinely checking in on you to make sure you are held accountable (excuses are not an option!) and I will be available for unlimited email support throughout this month (Invaluable ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ)
All of this and much more for $375 + HST (Special Pricing Until January 5, 2020)

You will also get these bonuses!

When you purchase the program I am giving you instant access to over $100 of helpful resources to support your progress

  • 1x Morning Stretch Routine (with visuals) to help you start your day energized (Valued at $15)

  • 1x Bedtime Stretch Routine (with visuals) to help calm your nervous system so that you can get a restful sleep (Valued at $15)

  • 1x Desk Stretch Routine (with visuals) to help feel your best at work (Valued at $15)

  • A 12 Week at home Workout Plan made by Personal Trainer Beverley Cheng (Valued at $50)

  • Additional recipes, downloads and educational resources that will support your goals 


  1. What can I expect when working with a Nutritionist? When you work with me I will guide you towards making healthier choices at a pace that feels comfortable for you.
  2. Can I purchase the groceries and supplements in my neighbourhood? Yes, you can purchase the items needed at your local grocery store and health food store. 
  3. Do I have to quit coffee? It would be great if you did, but you absolutely do not have to!
  4. Are the meal plans vegan? No, unless we both decide that is the best thing for you.
  5. Can I still have dessert? For sure and I will equip you with plenty of healthy options.
  6. What if I have questions after the initial intake? I am available to you via email for 90 days after our initial meeting. 
  7. Can my partner eat the same meal plan? Absolutely, the whole family will love the recipes I curate for you. 

Would you like more?

I will spend time with you in your kitchen to look at the foods in your home. Together, we will evaluate where we can make upgrades and refine your current choices to set you up for success!

During our time together, we will...


  • Assess the foods you currently eat on a daily basis

  • Go over healthier cooking techniques

  • Discuss alternatives to the foods that no longer serve you and your health goals

  • Talk about label reading (what to avoid)

  • Demonstrate simple recipes that will save you time and money


You get this and everything mentioned above for an additional $200.


*This add-on is only available if you live in the GTA


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