Dealing with the pandemic

When the whole pandemic started I was sitting in Mexico on a beach. I wish I could tell you this was a vacation but it was in fact for work. I had been hired for a fitness retreat to teach yoga, hold morning meditations, massage and host a nutrition workshop.

Leading up to this trip, there was a lot of uncertainty and we were not aware of how serious this whole situation would get, so I flew down there a couple of days before the retreat started, to get set up and acclimatize. And then sh*t hit the fan. I had to get a flight home and go straight into quarantine for two weeks. First time spending two whole weeks inside my apartment. My quarantine rolled into the collective quarantine so I think I stayed indoors for three whole weeks. As a person I interact with the world through touch, I mean I have made a career out of it!

Not being able to touch anyone was extremely difficult for me at the beginning. When I finally did leave my place, I used to go running in Sherwood and would touch different plants and trees as this helped calm my nervous system. I realize I sound like a crazy lady.

I definitely had my ups and downs, days where I would just watch Netflix and other days frantically working away to try and pivot my business as face to face wasn’t an option at the time. I was grateful when my profession was able to open up again, but the fear clients faced to come to see me was stressful at times. 2020 was stressful for me like it was for every single one of you too. I moved my business three times, moved my home twice, went through a breakup, etc. This amount of stress led me to gain weight eventually. It’s frustrating but at the same time also thankful as I now understand the emotional component that comes with it. It was also very important as it put the stress picture into perspective for me again. We can not be healthy and lose weight and have a deep sleep if our cortisol is running wild through our bodies. BUT the whole year wasn’t all negative, so much good came out of it for me too. New connections, building relationships, strengthening my own self-worth and confidence, establishing healthy boundaries, setting up self-care habits helped me mentally and physically.

I am at a point where I am confident again in my business, my ability to grow and to evolve as a person into the person I want to be. This doesn’t mean I don’t have my downs anymore, but I bounce back significantly faster. So if you are in a slump, try to sit with your affirmations, go for a long walk, connect with someone over the phone or just appreciate all the positive things that are currently in your life! Remember what Katrina Mayer said: "Everything we see depends on how we look at it."

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