The best natural herbs to make teas and heal your gut!

As an Austrian, we grew up with natural remedies. Our doctor was trained in TCM and we would get auricular acupuncture (acupuncture in our ears) and IV infusions when we were sick. I was also allergic to bees as a child and didn’t know what an epipen was until I moved to North America. Back then, we used raw onions on bee stings and called it a day! I am definitely not saying this is an appropriate substitute for an Epipen, I'm just giving you a little background of how I grew up and why I feel natural remedies are a great way to support your health and well being. There is always a time and place for medication, but I feel like it is way overused and misused in today's day and age.

Tea has always been a big part of my life. My mother drinks a litre of black tea with lemon every single day and my dad always had a Bodum Teapot over a tealight on the weekends going for hours. My aunt often gets chronic coughs, and instead of constantly taking medication, she will load up on some thyme tea as it is beneficial for our lungs. As I have mentioned before in one of my Instagram posts, tea is a big passion of mine and I enjoy it very much. That first cup of green tea in the morning hits the spot every single day and makes me so happy. It’s the small indulgences in life, am I right?

So below I'm sharing some powerful herbs you can steep into teas so these can help with you with any digestive issues. As you know by now, gut health and digestion are kinda my thing :) I am a huge fan of combining teas, but for today I will keep it simple.


This is one of my favourite vegetables to eat and also a favourite tea of mine. This is a powerful tea as it can help with your ulcers. It is loaded with antioxidants and can help repair ulcer issues. It is also a great addition to your diet if you are experiencing constipation. The reasons why it helps so much are not really known, but I must say, it works. So if you need a little bit more support to increase your bowel movements, steep yourself a cup of fennel tea or look for a blend containing fennel.


This is such a miracle spice. It can help with nausea, bloating, gas and cramping. During times like chemotherapy, pregnancy and for people who suffer from motion sickness, this is a must-have. I remember when I used to travel around India, I would see women on trains and busses with oranges or ginger roots, smelling them or chewing on them. When I asked one of them why, they explained to me how it helps with their motion sickness. Being someone who gets nauseous on car rides, I thought this was wonderful news. I still can’t read in a car or sit in the back, but I always keep ginger treats on hand, to help with nausea when it comes up.

Marshmallow Root

This ingredient is important for any one suffering from a leaky gut. The reason for this is that Marshmallow Root increases the mucosal lining in your digestive tract, meaning it creates a barrier and helps protect the lining. It is also high in antioxidants and helps reduce the amount of histamine in the body which is a bi-product of inflammation. It has also been used to help prevent stomach ulcers. So if you feel like your gut needs some support and protection, add a cup of Marshmallow Root tea to your daily life.


This is a popular tea for digestive issues. It has been used to help improve IBS symptoms and can reduce symptoms such as bloating, gas and stomach pains. A word of caution though for this tea, as people with GERD or anyone suffering from acid reflux should try to stay away, as it will exacerbate the symptoms.


Dandelion is great to stimulate digestion. It has been shown to help increase blood flow from the stomach to the small intestine. It is also great in preventing stomach ulcers and increases stomach acid (important for digestion). Dandelion root is a little different and is used more to reduce inflammation and has a diuretic effect.

I hope these tips can help you use natural teas in your life! If you have any questions for your particular health issues or wellness goals, don't hesitate to write me directly at I would be happy to assist you.

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