Give your digestive system a rest and remove grains for the next month. Included are 28 days of Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinners plus two snacks per day. If you so wish though, you can add a grain to every recipe as you please (or perhaps try Millet or Sorghum) 


This Meal plan will give your system some time to heal. Grains can be extremely irritating to most people, so it is a good idea to abstain from time to time, if you are not yet ready to fully give it up. Don’t think this will not satisfy your every need. These recipes are delicious, nutrient dense, non irritating and delicious. 


I am so excited for you to try these and see what a difference your diet can make to your everyday life. Things like bloat, headaches, breakouts, fatigue, don’t need to be your norm, so decide if today you want to take a step into the right direction and remove a common trigger from your diet. 


If you are not sure four weeks is right for you just yet, we also have two week meal plans available to help get you started. All the recipes are easy to make and will keep you feeling perfectly satiated with energy for the day.

Grain Free Four Week Meal Plan