Intimacy Oil - 100ml

Improve the relationship between you and your skin with our lightweight, nourishing and quick absorbing body oil. Intimacy Oil melts into your skin and leaves a smooth, silky finish.


Your body deserves just as much love as you give your face - so Graydon has created the ultimate body moisturizer to improve the relationship you have with your skin.  Graydon feather light, nourishing and quick absorbing Intimacy Oil is beautifully blended with moisturizing plant oils, leaving your skin feeling soothed, smooth, and glowing. 

Infused with luxurious aromatic fruit extracts and blue tansy, Intimacy Oil will create an unforgettable moisturizing experience as the oil absorbs magically, creating a more intimate connection with you and your largest organ, your precious skin!


Why We Love It

Intimacy Oil is a multi-purpose dry body oil: it can be used on wet skin, on dry skin, as a massage oil, hair oil, cuticle oil, shaving oil, and any body part in between!


Key Ingredients

Omega Rich Fatty Acids • promotes smooth and supple skin Hemp Seed Oil • helps nourish your face with omega rich fatty acids

Squalane • this plant-based oil helps prevent moisture loss for a more supple complexion.

Blue Tansy • calms sensitive, reactive skin

Milk Thistle • helps protect from environmental stressors Jasmine • a known aphrodisiac


Skin Type - For all skin types | pH 4.5-5.5


GRAYDON - Intimacy Oil