Have you been thinking about going plant based? Not sure where to start? Or maybe you enjoy a vegan diet already and just want some inspiration. This four week meal plan is here to help you out. No grains to ensure you are not eating any irritants, just delicious plant based meals, to keep you nourished and satisfied. 


These are not complicated meals. Neither will you be seeing just salads and tofu. These meal plans are the perfect balance of everything you need to keep you wanting more. 


Included are 28 days of Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinners plus two snacks per day. Indulge in a plant based diet to reset your system, give the environment a break and nourish your body with nutrients and fiber for a healthier and happier you!


If you are not sure you want to start off with a full month of meal plans we also have two weeks worth of recipes for you! This is the perfect time to start focusing on your health!

Vegan Four Week Meal Plan