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Employee Wellness 

Build a healthy, happy & more resilient team to support your growing company.

Wellness for Business


Create a thriving workplace

The Shey Method improves employee well-being by shifting their nutrition habits, promoting movement, producing better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and developing more mindfulness in their daily lives.


Give your employees the gift of

health for life

Less employee turnaround and more loyalty! Caring about your team's will translate into long-term benefits for your organization.  This 6 week program created by Holistic Nutritionist, Massage Therapist and Yogi Laura Niesslein, is designed to step-up everyone’s wellness habits, no matter what level they are at.  


Starting with an individualized health intake and personal meal plan / protocol, your team will then embark on a 6 week journey to eat clean, heal their gut, kick start an exercise routine, begin a yoga practice and so much more! Weekly group calls will also be scheduled with your team and Laura to review any questions and discuss the week’s workbook content.

  • Nutrition

  • Kitchen Basics

  • Microbiome

  • Stress Management

  • Movement

  • Yoga

  • Hormones

  • Healthy Social Life

Meet Laura

Hi, I'm Laura. I am a nutritionist, massage therapist and yoga instructor with 10+ years of experience helping my clients. My passion lies in educating people and supporting them on their journey to living their best lives, feeling confident in their skin, while still allowing for indulgences - I'm not here to make you give up pizza, bread or cheese!


About the program

Why THE SHEY METHOD is so much more than just Nutrition!

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Menu Plan & Recipes

Nourish yourself with easy-to-follow recipes that are delicious and nutritious!

Weekly follow-up calls

I will hold you accountable and help you through any roadblocks you may be facing.


Weekly workouts & yoga

Dig deeper and lets break through some ingrained habits and through patterns.

Movement is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. These easy classes will leave you feeling strong and invigorated.

Your team's growth journey


Weekly calls & Accountability

One Intake Session to identify your personal needs and struggles and set goals that work for you. Every week you get follow up calls with me to keep you accountable during our time together and answer all questions you may have along the way and make adjustments if needed.

* For the Full Program Only


Meal Plans, Recipes & Grocery Lists

Recipes that are healthy, delicious and easy to prepare and all recipes are under 30 minutes so you can whip them up with ease with done-for-you Meal Plans with grocery lists, to get you in and out of the grocery store without wasting your time. 


Workouts, Workbooks & Video Trainings

Workouts with simple to follow exercises - you know you look good when you feel good. Yoga classes to help you stretch and strengthen. Workbooks to get you from waking up exhausted, stressed and hectic to kick starting your day with ease. Video Trainings to support you along the way, to help set you up with the healthy habits you need to achieve your goals! 

Phases of the Program 



Healthy Kitchen

  • We will start you off with how to set up a healthy kitchen

  • Tools you need to prep easy meals

  • How to stock your fridge and freezer

  • We will assess what your cravings are and make adjustments to help you make the switch



  • We will go over foods that will help your gut flora flourish

  • Supplements to help support your digestion

  • We will discuss common triggers and how to avoid them

  • Healthy alternatives to sugar and carb cravings


Stress Management

  • Start implementing healthy habits into your daily life

  • Learn brething techniques to keep you calm and collective even if everything is going crazy around you

  • How to shift your mindset from negative to positive

  • Release pent up stress in your body 



  • Help support your immune system through the power of movement

  • Learn simple desk stretches to help your posture

  • Go a step further and release your fascia with the use of foam rollers

  • Open your joints and keep everything lubricated and moving smoothly with simple physical exercises



  • Learn what products at home are messing with your hormones

  • Understand what your PMS cravings are telling you

  • Understand how stress is related to weight gain, exhaustion and a low libido

  • Reduce period cramps, erectile dysfunction and hair loss issues


Social Life

  • We set you up sustainable ways to be a social butterfly again

  • Learn what alcohols to enjoy (in moderation of course)

  • How to order at a restaurant

  • How to eat at someone's elses house without being difficult or rud

Build a more resilient organization.

The Shey Method improves employee well-being by promoting healthy eating, movement, better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and developing more mindfulness.

Real results for your employees!

Here's what our clients have achieved by working with THE SHEY METHOD and combining it with the accountability of coaching with Laura Niesslein.

  • A sense of accomplishment

  • Regaining control of their eating habits

  • Deeper sleep

  • Less time lying awake before falling asleep

  • Weightloss

  • Mental calmness

  • Confidence

  • Less bloat

  • No more brain fog

  • More focused

  • Skin issues like acne, fungal infections, eczema disappeared 

  • Chronic yeast infections gone

  • Strong nails, hair and glowing skin

  • Understanding how their nutrition and habits affect their health and wellbeing and now knowing the tools to live a healthy and happy life without sacrificing their social life or feel deprived

Alexandra N.

John H.

I felt very tired, bloated and unhealthy. I started feeling less bloated by cutting out certain foods that Laura recommended and I gained more energy as a result as well. It is worth the financial and time investment! She gives herself 100% to her clients and works with each one of them to help them achieve the best results. Prior to COVID 19 I traveled a lot and it was sometimes challenging to implement the recommendations if you were not home based but Laura worked with me to try and find solutions to overcome those issues little by little.

What people say

"She is passionate about her work, knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients. In a field that is fraught with BS, she cuts through it and is practical and realistic."

Why is this program better than a conference?

A lot of corporations invest in training conferences for their teams. Most of these are a passive way to learn. They do not incite an action on the part of the employee and oftentimes can go without having real lifetile impact. 

The Shey Method is designed for people to ENGAGE, and do the WORK, so they can see the RESULTS in real time.  100% of clients who have done this program have said it was life-changing and they saw weight loss results, improved moods, less stress, more positive and better sleep in the first 2 weeks. 

Why not offer your employees a way for them to become happier and healthier people? This 6 week program can make a real difference in their lives, making them an even more important asset to your team. 

By the end of THE SHEY METHOD program your team will...

  • Have the knowledge of how to nourish their bodies without irritation.

  • Say goodbye to being stressed out, sleep deprived, bloated, or overweight

  • Have the tools to prevent burnouts, calm their nervous system and start their days calm and relaxed.

  • Have the tools to live a happier and healthier life. Good health is good business!

Business Owner

Want to get Started?

Choose from one of the packages below!


The pandemic likely took a toll on the mental well-being of everyone. In order for us to spread empathy and provide the best service possible, it’s important to ensure we take care of ourselves, especially today given the many changes we've all had to make to daily life.
That is why I developed this program for businesses too! Too many people need health and wellness support, now more than ever! And this program is an incredible way to start on the right path. Your employees will feel supported, nurtured and best of all - they will feel empowered to be better. 


Go at your own speed

Self-Paced Program

1 - 5 Employees: $225

6 - 20 Employees: $180

21 + Employees: $125

The SELF-PACED PROGRAM Includes all workbooks, yoga videos, meal plans, bonus guides and access to The Shey Method Private Facebook Group for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to attend the weekly calls?

    • Not necessary. All calls will be recorded and can be watched afterwards. You can send in questions to Laura beforehand if you wish for her to address something specific.

  • What if I don’t like something in the meal plan?

    • You can let Laura know and she can send you an alternative recipe.

  • How much do I have to cook?

    • Some people follow the meal plans to a T, other people use it as a guideline. All recipes provided in the meal plan are easily made with lots of leftover options, so you spend as little as possible in the kitchen.

  • Do I have to take supplements?

    • Laura will recommend supplements if appropriate and it’s up to you whether or not you want to take them. Should you decide to start a new supplement regime, you can speak to your Doctor first to ensure they are good for your health and well being.

  • Do I have to stop taking medication?

    • Absolutely not. This is why we take a detailed health history so Laura is aware of any potential contraindications for supplements.

  • Are our personal health concerns shared with the rest of the team?

    • Everything discussed is strictly confidential. If there is a common thread of issues within the team, I may address the topic as a whole but will never single anyone out or talk about individual issues.

  • Can the program be stopped at any point?

    • The program is designed to not be paused. All weekly calls will be recorded and can be watched afterwards should someone be travelling or unavailable.

  • What is the time commitment per employee?

    • On average, people spend approximately 3 hours per week doing this practice (depending on how much of the movement they wish to participate in)

Custom Clothing Order

Guided with Laura Niesslein

Full Program

1 - 5 Employees: $550

6 - 20 Employees: $380

21 + Employees: $300

The FULL PROGRAM Includes a personal 30 minute intake per person, 6 group calls with Laura Niesslein, workbooks, yoga videos, meal plans, bonus guides and Laura is available via email for the entire 6 weeks for personal questions and needs.

The Bonuses

$195 worth IN BONUSES!!

Hormone Approved Non-Toxic Cleaning guide

Reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors that you use around your house every day.  (Value : $65)

Restaurant Guide

How to order healthy while eating out, without reverting to old habits. With Toronto restaurant examples!  (Value : $65)

Alcohol Guide

For the social outings! You can still indulge, but be smart about it. I will show you some delicious healthier cocktails. (Value : $65)

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